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Internet Activities moved over from Scoutbook have wrong start dates

My issue is that I have a whole lot of scoutbook activities that were moved over to IA2. I am unable to edit them and all of the start dates of the activities are the date that I entered them into the system…IE, I entered about 10 activites for several months past, and they all now have a start date of Feb 2, 2020. So I can’t really look at the calendar because all my years for activity entries are grouped into less than 10 days on the calendar. HELP

Is it just service or other entries too?

I believe it is for all activities. Looks like when they moved Scoutbook Activities to IA2, they moved the wrong date to start date. I can’t edit those entries either. I have read that we are unable to edit entires moved over from Scoutbook activities.

I’m definitely seeing the issue on service, which came from the JTE site rather than Scoutbook. I’ve sent a note to the developers to make sure it’s on their radar.

I agree with the being from JTE. Every entry from before cross over to IA2 activities has the entry date instead of start date, they are all marked JTE, and all were entries I made into the old Service HOurs entry routine from IA.
To add to this these are the only entries in the Activities Calendar from the past. There is no hiking or camping on the calendar months back to 2016. Any entries I have made in the new IA2 for hiking or camping is on the calendar. HOWEVER, the start and end date are the same day even though events may be 3 days. Again it looks like they moved over the wrong fields.
Is there a way to get my camping and hiking moved over from Scoutbook to IA2. Luckily I have a database of my own where I keep activities and can get the data for manual entry. Glad I have it since can’t get into Scoutbook camping and hiking logs anymore to get data.

Actually, they restored the activity logs download access in Scoutbook for unit admins. It’s back where (I think) it always was. It was announced in one of the Change Log posts a while ago.

Thanks for the tip. I found them by going to My Events Calendar.

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When I started using IA for camping activities even though we date and time started on Friday night and ended Sunday morning the resulting entry indicated 1 night and 2 days of camping. I believe this should be reversed. This could really create issues when calculating the various requirements or even OA eligibilty.