Event Sync

Is there a way to sync my SB calendar and events to Internet Advancement? I’m trying to keep up with entering camp nights and service hours, but it feels like there should be an easier way than to create the event on SB and then duplicate it in Internet Advancement. Maybe I’m missing something. Please help.

Currently, there is no synchronization between the Scoutbook calendar and the event logs in IA2. I understand from various past comments on the discussion boards that the calendar module is being reworked, either currently or in the future.
However, since there is no public listing of features, it’s unclear exactly how the two may interact in the future.

One item that has also been noted is that integration of the two is not quite as simple as it might at first appear. For example, scouts or scouters who attend part, but not all, of an event need to be captured with more granularity than is currently present in the Scoutbook calendar module. That’s one item that was added in the “new” logs. Also, not all events have an associated log, or might have multiple associated logs (e.g. backpacking trips or camping trips with day hikes). So, I suspect that integration will come as part of the future calendar implementation rather than as incremental updates to the existing calendar module.

Thank you. I was really hoping there was an easier way. I tend to forget to enter these right away, so when I do there are multiple. Would even be helpful if it just created the event in IA and we had to add the hours/nights etc. I guess I can hope that’s one of the things they add in the future.

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