Scoutbook won't let AOLs earn rank

Volunteer emailed me the following issue:

Three of my second-year Webelos have completed the Arrow of Light requirements. I was recording achievements yesterday. For one of the boys, I was able to change his rank to AOL. For that boy, the AOL award doesn’t show up on the pull-down menu. For the other two, I was able to record the AOL award, but when I try to change their rank, the system tells me that they still need to earn… blank. It doesn’t specify what, but it won’t let me award the rank.

Advice I can give?

Sounds like you are using Internet Advancement - not Scoutbook. We have heard of this error when Cyberchip is not earned

If they go to they can bypass this bug by clicking on rank and percent complete - to enter date and approve

Passing along this information. Thank you.

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