Scoutbook Plus: Scout lost rank when viewing last rank earned

I ran into a reproducible bug while entering and viewing requirements in Scoutbook Plus.

  1. Go to advancement for a specific scout through Scoutbook. Current Rank = Webelos
  2. Click on View More next to the approved Webelos rank
  3. Go back to profile and Webelos rank now says “Started 89%”
  4. Refresh Scoutbook and Current Rank = Bear

I was able to reproduce this on three different scouts in my AOL den.

@LucasClark1 few questions: are all requirements filled in or just some? What den level are they in? How are you getting back to profile? And I guess these are old ranks not 24 ranks?

@DonovanMcNeil -

  1. They should have been filled in as they were completed this spring. I believe I saw that Castaway was not started for a few of them and that was the elective we did this year.
  2. The den level is Arrow of Light, so it currently says I can’t award the Webelos rank because the den rank is incorrect.
  3. I am clicking on the scout’s name in the breadcrumbs to get back to the profile. I’m just refreshing the old Scoutbook page and see it update from Webelos back to Bear.
  4. Yes, these are the old rank requirements and not the '24 requirements.

@LucasClark1 - on item 2 they would need to be in a webelos den in order to award the rank of webelos. On the old ranks they have until 31 August to complete the old requirements. Your best bet is to move them into a webelos den, mark complete items that were done but not recorded then move them to an AOL den.

I have a similar issue. My scout already earned Bear and was in a Webelos Den. When I started, Scoutbook showed that his current rank was Bear and had completed 76% of the Webelos badge. I added his adventures and then his current rank dropped down to Wolf with 100% of the Webelos badge completed. I was trying to advance him from Webelos to AOL, but something went sideways. Here are the before/after screen shots. Thanks.

@JeremyD_Errico Lets not post names please - sounds like something or someone erased some items - the Audit Log Report that unit admins can get too might shed some light on it. does not fully support Cubs anymore - you should really be using

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Thanks. I used, but only had the before/after screenshots in reflects the same thing.

Nothing was deleted by us. This change happened in a 15 minute period when I was entering the advancements.

Also, I went to enter the Into the Woods adventure for the same scout as one of his Webelos electives (2016 requirements) and the adventure is disabled because he’s not in the correct den. The system is associating Into the Woods with AOL, though it was a valid Webelos elective prior to the changes.

Any ideas on how to resolve these?


As long as Webelos is set to the old program Into the Woods is available. Just go and reenter Dates of completion

I have same issue. 3 scouts in our AOL den earned Webelos in May and it was recorded. When den was advanced only those 3 lost that and are now showing Current Rank as Bear for one and Bobcat for the other two. It is showing progress towards Webelos at less than 100% even though all were completed and awarded.

@BonnieBalfay - are you looking at

@BonnieBalfay what are the BSA #(s) of an effected Scout(s)


He is also showing 93% progress for AOL which is not accurate at all.

I know the dad was trying to enter some adventures completed at camp and said things changed and he went back to Bear for rank when he did that so I am unsure if it was something he did on his end.

@BonnieBalfay am looking at this for you - this scout the father put in all old adventures so there is alot of clean up to do

@BonnieBalfay do you have a purchase order for the old ranks you think disappeared to help with a date?

Let me reach out to our achievements coordinator and she should have it.

cause we see the old one at 93% - trying to find if it was Ever finished - we used Audit log to look back to may and do not see it

they found a 2024-04-06 date for it - but have not found how it was erased

The more BSA #s (no names), what was lost, if a Den move what was move - we can get for Scouts that seem to have lost rank the better data we can pull together

Webelos was earned 4/6 for this scout and would have been awarded 5/16. Waiting to confirm purchase date but it would have been week of 5/13.

The other two Webelos not showing correct rank I’m actually waiting to confirm if they dropped. I believe one has dropped for sure.

PO 926628 is PO for this scout for Webelos rank