Entire Unit Roster showing yellow triangle and stopwatch icons

Is there a current issue in Scoutbook that could be causing yellow triangle icons to appear that say “Not on official unit roster in my.Scouting”? These warnings are showing for every scout in our unit roster in Scoutbook. We are in the Sequoyah Council #713, Unit Pack 240. These icons are also showing for the entire unit roster for Troop 240. In addition, a stopwatch icon that says “Registration will expire in days” is also showing in both rosters. There is no number of days listed. When we contacted our Council office, they advised us to clear the cache and log back in but that didn’t solve the problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

It looks like your charter ended 10/31/22 - and it is now on hold - might need to talk to Council on that

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Ok, we will check back with the Council. Thank you for the quick reply!

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