All Scouts and Scouters in 3 Units show yellow triangle with!

All 3 of my unit have all the scouters & Scouts showing the yellow triangle with ! next to their names. Hovering over the triangle shows “Not on official unit roster in my.scouting”
I looked at the unit rosters in my.scouting and all the scouts and scouters are listed in my.scouting.
Two computers:
Computer #1 Win 7 Pro - Using Chrome, regular and then incognito
Computer #2 Win 10 - Using Chrome, incognito
Did a reboot of computer #1 Win 7 Pro Using Firefox in private mode
Both browsers are up to date.
After the reboot on Computer #1 the server is AWSEBSCTBK4C
The server for computer #1 is AWSWEBSCTBK2C
Mike COR for all 3 units

I saw the same things. I suspect it’s related to the 5pm Central Scoutbook maintenance. I was going to give it a couple of hours to “clear” before I worried about it. Wasn’t sure if there was some sort of synch that needed to run after the updates.

Looks like a system wide issue - it is reported.


The issue that caused the :warning: icon on the roster has been fixed.

Great, Just check my units all good
Thank you

Just logged into Scoutbook and I am still getting all the yellow triangles. Has the issue been fixed for everyone or just for those who post about it?


These are not being manually fixed. They appear to “magically” fix themselves within 24 hours. I have asked the developers if they have any ideas why this is happening.

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