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Erased a scout

Trying to remove a scout from a patrol to the unassigned list as he is an ASPL and I may have removed him altogether. Help please

Check under My Dashboard -> My Connections and see if you’re still connected to the scout there. From there, click on the scout, click on membership, then add a membership in your unit in the correct patrol.

He is not on the list.

Hrm…are you a unit admin? I thought that it was more complicated to remove a scout altogether than it used to be for admins.

Can you describe the steps you took before the scout disappeared?

Yes I am Troop admin.

I was under the patrol, it said to remove membership, so I did.

Now I have lost my connection to the scout and the green shield that says that user is verified by unit is gone.

Your “approved” shield is missing, or the scout’s is?

If it’s yours, you should be able to go to My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> your name, click on the unit admin position and accept/approve your admin position. That should restore your admin rights.

If it’s the scout’s approval shield, you should still be able to access the account to restore the membership. Try the reset trick I described above to see if it restores your connection to the scout. If not, the scout’s parent should be able to restore the unit membership, and you would just need to approve it.

His name isn’t on the roster. Can I transfer him in if I have his bsa number?

Yeah try the transfer tool on unit roster

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In the future, I would recommend:

  1. Add a Date Ended on the Scout’s membership with the patrol, but stay on the Scout’s Membership page.
  2. Then add a new membership with the troop (but not a patrol).
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You could also create an SPL patrol and use the invite scout button on the patrol roster to transfer the scout into the SPL patrol, then back to the “regular” patrol after the PoR has ended.

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What said to remove the membership?

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