Accidentally ended a scout in Scoutbook

Accidentally ended a scout in Scoutbook. Also how do move scouts from a patrol back to gen population and delete patrol?
Scout missing id #135955507

how to undelete a Scout

@KyleCrutchley What are you trying to do with this particular Scout?

Add him back to Scoutbook.

@KyleCrutchley And you do not want the Scout in a patrol, correct?

So I got him back using My Connections and changed his Membership and it got him back.

Is there a way to move scouts to the ‘Scouts not in a Patrol’?

You have to add an end date to the patrol membership, but stay on the Scout’s Membership page and add a troop membership.

Does it make sense to add the troop membership first, then end the patrol membership, or does that not work?

You can try it, but the code might not allow it.

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I believe I have figured it out. Its a bit around about way, I was able to re add the scouts by using MY Connections and changing the end date on the troop membership.

As for getting them out of a patrol and unassigned, you have to have multiple patrols and then a no patrol option also appears when you go to reassign.

It will not let you add troop membership first then end patrol. It will say already assigned.

Thank you all for your help and time.



For future reference, if you go to the scout’s membership, click on their current membership, and then reassign patrol, the first option is no patrol.


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