Error messages when trying to add repeating events to calendar in IA

I am trying to add all the troop and PLC meetings to calendar as a repeating event but I keep getting error messages that this is a bad request. I am using Chrome for this. I get the same error using Safari. Help please.

can you post a screenshot of the error?

@CarrieHaber yeah something is not adding up - do you know how to use Developer tools on your web browser?

No, not really. I am adding these via scout book with the extension now but I won’t be able to do this in the future…

You will be able to - we just need to isolate the issue

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Let me know what info you need from me…

It is Xmas - so devs have family time as is needed - but it is reported

@CarrieHaber also try going back to the Calendar and try a SHIFT + Refresh on the page

Also is this for posting to a single unit or multiple?

Two units. I tried just one as well. Same issue.

@DonovanMcNeil - not that it is an consolation, but I was able to create an event for multiple units and for a single unit. No error presented

@CarrieHaber if you are free a can setup a quick screenshare to see the issue