Add Invitees Error

I get the following error when attempting to use “Add Invitees” to Troop Meetings - “Sorry, this event (id=4712667) is a shared with another calendar event and cannot be updated with the Add Invitees feature. Skipping to next event.” It skips through all the events selected. I get one more error than the number of events I was attempting to edit. The ID doesn’t change for the first two errors but then changes after that.

We only use the Troop Calendar and not the Patrol calendars and don’t share a calendar with another Troop so I don’t understand the error message.

Is the calendar event for 2 different units?

Nope. We are a solo Troop with no connections to another unit.

@JohnDockstader so is this in Scoutbook?

Yes. In Scoutbook, using the Feature Assistant Extension.

Oh so this is an event that you used extension to duplicate? @GaryFeutz

I created the Calendar Events last fall but I believe I created a CSV file with all the weekly Troop meetings, PLC meetings, Campouts, Committee Meetings, etc. and uploaded that. I don’t believe I created a reoccurring event since the Details of each meeting has unique notes for that week (Campout sign-up, Money due, etc.).

The Add Invitees error was confirmed and a fix was just released today in version V0.48.0.17

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A HUGE THANK YOU!!! I was NOT looking forward to manually updating the Troop Meetings for the rest of the year. After figuring out how to force Chrome to update the Extension, I got the Troop, PLC, and Committee meetings updates in just a few minutes. Doing them all individually would have taken at least an hour.

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