Error: The Session Expired. Please login again

When I try to add some events to the Activity Logs for my unit I get the error message that The Session Expired. Please login again…

I have tried clearing the browser history, signing out and back in to no avail. Most of the site recognizes me as logged in (shows my name and profile) and I can access the unit rosters, but as soon as I select a member I get the error message.

I am using Firefox on MacOS (so I can use the Scoutbook Feature Assistant) - I am able to use Safari as a workaround, but would love to be able to stick to one browser. I use Google for single-sign-on.

Any ideas on what I should do?

A few ideas:
Log out, close your browser, use incognito, make sure everything has fully finished loading before clicking anything.

I use Firefox as well, an this is a fairly new issue for me too. I don’t know what changed to make this error appear, but this was not an issue previously. I’d say it’s been happening to me for about a month.

I’ve tried closing/restarting the browser. I’ve cleared cookies/history, etc. I’ve tried it with the Feature Assistant off. None of it works.

The only thing that stops it for me is using a Private Window (Incognito Mode).

Try checking what extensions you have running, and turn them “on” in incognito mode one at a time. I discovered my antivirus was borking my login.

As of this morning it is working again… Looks like they made some updates over the weekend (for instance I see profile photos for my scouts) :slightly_smiling_face:

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