Error when trying to renew YPT\access trainings on

I have a parent that has been unable to renew her YPT. Every attempt results in a redirect to * and we receive an error message - {“status”:500,“name”:“InternalServerError”,“message”:“The server could not process the request, please try again later.”}.

This occurs on a windows laptop, iPhone, and Android device.
We have used Chrome and Edge in Private/Incognito and standard browsing.

I am able to log into those devices as myself and click on the training under my login. Once we log her into any device that worked for me, it breaks for her. We can successfully log her into the training portion of but as soon as a training is selected, it bombs out and we get the redirect.

This appears to be user specific. Any help would be greatly appreciated. User info is as follows: Member ID 137180807 Heart of America Council.

Thank you


She has 2 IDs attached to that BSA Member ID. This could be causing part of the problem. I can merge the IDs so that she only has 1. Does she want to use Google Login with her gmail address to log in or her yahoo e-mail address?

Ah! Thank you SO much for the quick reply. Let’s go with her Yahoo email. I’ll make that executive decision!


This is done. Please ask her to try YPT again.

It’s working! Thank you, Ed! Much Appreciated.


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