YPT and other trainings won't work

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Thank you!)

I can not get the “YPT training” or any other training to work. I am accessing it from my Samsung galaxy 21 with current updated os, and google chrome. I’ve also tried on my ipad with ios 15.3 and safari browser as well as my laptop windows 10 os and Microsoft edge as well as Google chrome.

The error I’m getting is connection isn’t private, net::err_cert_authority_invalid. Sais security certificate is invalid and then when I bypass that anyway it gives me error 404 page not found for all trainings on all devices and os and browsers I have access to both mobile and desktop ik bith regular and in private browsing mode.

My id is 14070488 and am in mountain west 106.

Please help!

BSA IT is investigating.

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BSA IT reports the issue has been resolved.

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