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Event Invitees Lists

The Invitees list in each event is a nice feature and the fact that you can go in and edit it after the event is over is convenient. The picture icon grid display is nice for some but since most of our members do not add a picture to their profile, these icons are a waste of space.

The invitees list would be great to optionally display a simple sorted lists of names with a checkbox next to each name for attendance. This name only list would be easier to scan for names and it would be easier to print out a list to take attendance at the event. This would be another good feature to set up in the future User Profile section.

Something else to consider would be to list the Scouts by Patrol. We emphasize our Scouta being part of their Patrols, and every opportunity to identify them in their Patrols is great.

I think that grouping youth has been requested previously. I wouldn’t expect to see substantial changes to the interface (at the earliest) before the BSA rolls out the new calendar module in IA2, whenever that will be.

Have you tried the RSVP Report after creating the calendar event? (I think you have to have the RSVP toggle on inside the event. It shows up on the event page.)

Just to add if someone is working on Invitees is to somehow allow bulk adding a new Scout/Parent to existing events after being added to Scoutbook. Having to go through each event to add Invitee for a new Scout/Parent is exhausting. We do our event planning/entry early in year and when new crossovers and parents come into the Troop (at different times no less) I feel like I am always updating the same events over and over just to make sure Scouts are able to RSVP. Honestly, I am just to a point where I wait until they email me that they can’t RSVP. It would be better if ALL Leaders/Parents/Scouts are added by default and if a leader wanted to exclude people/groups from an event put the work on them for that specific event or that would encourage people to RSVP No and tie that to whether or not they receive notes when posted. That would encourage people to be more active in the system to avoid annoyance.

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The volunteer supported Scoutbook Feature Extension for Chrome and Firefox has this capability today. Search the Chrome or Firefox extension store for Scoutbook.

Native support for automatically adding/removing people from the invite list is in the backlog but will not be implemented until the Calendar is moved to the Internet Advancement platform.

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I have Feature Assistant and found how to make it work. Thanks!

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