IA Calendar Invitees/Attendees

I really want to like the new IA calendar, but everything related to Invitees and Attendees is making my work process really difficult.

  1. Invitees - When I go to select Invitees - it gives me all my patrols, but listed 3 times. In a perfect world, I need to be able to add to events JUST scouts, JUST leaders and JUST parents, like currently in Scoutbook (using the Feature Assistant). This current list of 9 sub units (when we only have 3 patrols and they are all listed 3 times) seems like a bug. I also would love a 1-step way to “add or remove all” from those groups from the invitees/attendees list. Most of our events, we just invite scouts and leaders, so I need an easy way to remove parents (currently needing to do that 1 at a time is way too time consuming).
  2. Attendees. I believe I’ve seen this feedback before, but haven’t seen a resolution, but I also need an easy way to take attendance. Ideally, this would begin with the list of those RSVP’d yes. When I go to take attendance today, I need to remove anyone who didn’t actually participate, even if they were RSVP’d no. In a list of 60+ people, that is too time consuming. I would prefer to begin with a list of those that are RSVP’d YES vs starting with all invited and removing everyone that was a no.
  3. Attendees/Camping nights - Currently in Scoutbook, when I record camping nights, I can put in an amount on the Group Tab (say - 3 days, 2 nights), and it transfers over to the Individuals tab when I click that. This allows me to change the data for 1 scout while keeping the data for the rest that attend (in the case where a scout only camped 1 of the 2 nights). In the IA calendar, when I populate the Groups Tab with data, and click the individuals tab, the data resets to 0 and I’d need to enter data for every person individually. I think it works if I save it and exit and go back in, but need to be able to do it on the same Edit.
  4. Sorting - it would also help me greatly if the names of people had the ability to be sorted - either by patrol or, ideally by name (Prefer last, but either first or last name would be helpful - today names are randomly sorted and can’t change it, causing me to have to search harder for names through a big random list). I’m good if you choose a sorting method and stick with it, but the random list is complicated.

Thank you all for working so hard to address our issues. Please let me know if there is a work process that I’m not aware of for my challenges.



  1. has been reported to the developers.

  2. The Scoutbook calendar has everyone on the invite list on the attendance panel. This allows you to take attendance for anyone that was invited even if they did not respond or showed up after saying No. You don’t have to remove anyone from the list, just move the slider to the right for those who attended. There is a known issue with creating an activity from an event. An update will be made so that if attendance has been taken, only those marked present will transfer to the activity. If attendance was not taken then everyone invited will transfer to the activity.

  3. This is a known issue.

  4. Click the filter icon (triangle in above image) to change the sort order.

Thank you for the quick reply! I’ll use these recommendations when I’m next working in the calendar and will look in the Change log for the fixes.


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