Event Reminders Sent as Boy Scouts of America and not Scouts BSA

The most recent event reminder sent by Scoutbook Plus states Boy Scouts of America in the heading and not Scoutbook nor Scouts BSA.

My understanding is that Boy Scouts of America has rebranded to Scouts BSA to be inclusive of non-male Scouts. I understand that it takes time to update language on published material. This is a new application, so should reflect the updated language.

Please update the reminder emails to reflect the inclusivity that the organization has advertised as a value they uphold.

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The organization is still called Boy Scouts of America. Scouts BSA is the name of one of the Programs, similar to Cub Scouts, Venturing, and Sea Scouts.


@JudithRoenke -

Beyond that the BSA is NOT as inclusive as you might think.

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