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Scouts BSA vs Boy Scouts nomenclature issues

I created this topic with the intent to have a central repository for reporting instances where users can report “Scouts BSA” vs “Boy Scouts” nomenclature issues in documentation or Scoutbook proper. I suspect that there will be ongoing discoveries of these types of nomenclature issues as the transition continues to settle in. If an admin would like to pin the topic to make it easier to find (if they like the idea of concentrating such reporting in a single topic), I would have no objection.

So, on to the issue that prompted the post. This is not technically an issue in Scoutbook, per se, but rather in the Scoutbook help documentation. references “Boy Scouts” rather than “Scouts BSA”.

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I have pinned this topic for 4 months. The issue you reported has been fixed.

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The Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award (in all ranks) has 3 references to just boys.


Thanks. I’ll report this.