Calendar Email reminder branding issue

The reminder emails use the “Boy Scouts of America” branding which is an issue since the Scouting program is now “Scouts BSA” and has been for 5 years now. Like we all know in 2019, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) renamed its flagship program, Boy Scouts, to Scouts BSA to reflect its policy change allowing girls to join separate, gender-specific troops. I am a Scoutmaster in a Scouts BSA troop that is all female (we have a partner Scouts BSA troop that is all boys). So these reminder emails using the old 2019 branding is a real step backwards. Can we please fix this ASAP?

@AlejandroPonce_De_Le - that is only on the ASAP reminders. Do be aware that the overall organization is still BSA.

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The e-mail sent with ASAP reminders is being updated to remove the BSA heading and signature. Watch the Scoutbook - Internet Advancement Change Log - Scouting Forums for an announcement that this has been fixed.

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Thank you, it’s appreciated. Thanks! YIS, Alex Ponce de Leon

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