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Events doubled

Every event I create for my den gets duplicated. When I try to delete one, they both get deleted. What am I doing wrong?


When you select the calendar the event is for, make sure only 1 calendar is checked. Scoutbook allows you to select multiple calendars for a single event. When you delete an event, it will be deleted from all calendars.

Yea that’s not it. The event is only being added to one calendar.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Is this occurring in the calendar view, list view, from which screens…?

It shows up in the list of upcoming events. I’m the blue Bear den.

do you have 2 or more leadership positions in the den?

I guess so. Is that why?

Most den leaders are also den admins. In any event, you should not be seeing 2 entries. We will report this to the design team.

It would help to know if others in your den are seeing 2 occurances

When you click on the gear icon and uncheck that den, does it remove both instances of the event?

What browser are you using? Do you happen to have the feature assistant extension installed?

I’ll have to ask. I don’t know.

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