Calendar Event Disappearing Once Created

I am a new den admin trying to add our den meetings to the calendar in Scoutbook. I am able to create my event and add it to my den calendars, and I will see the “event created” confirmation screen. But then when I navigate back to the calendar, the event does not appear. I have confirmed that I have the right calendars showing in my view. I tried it 3 separate times. Both from my mobile phone and a laptop, but I cannot get the event to show up. Any ideas?

Can you walk us through the steps you used to create the event? Are you selecting a single den for it or multiple?

Multiple dens (2 Tiger Dens). I click on Create New Event, fill in the fields, changed the Start/End time, added planned advancement, and set a reminder for 1 day before. I saw the Event screen, and was even able to click “Edit Event” to make a change to the description, then saved it again and landed on the event page. But then went back to the calendar, and it’s gone.

Because of a bug, the calendar defaults to Jan 2010 if you select multiple dens. Can you check if they appear in 2010?

@StephanieJackson1 - looking at the grab it is showing as a 2010 event.

OH my goodness, you are right! Thank you - I’ve been staring at this for 2 days! I see them now. Any advice on best practices moving forward?

No, it’s just a bug that it goes back to 2010. So, you have to move it forward to the current year when selecting multiple dens.

I’m not sure when this bug will be addressed.

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