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Delete Calendar Event

Is there any way to delete a calendar event in Scoutbook? I am a den leader whos roles are messed up so I am assigned as a den admin but I created a series or repetitive events that also marked which badge we should work on and now I can’t delete them. I have one event coming up that we are not having.


@DavidLafko -f you click on the event then click on edit event the delete event is not at the bottom of the page ?

Nope I can send you a screen shot but when I do Edit save or cancel with a note that you have to go to scoutbooks for den leaders when I go there I have no delete options either.

@DavidLafko - so you are using the Beta Den Leader Experience then ?

I am using scoutbook.com i log in to the reg one. When i first was messing around i did try the beta one but i realized it was not the right version to be honest not sure where i made those cal events

If you used the Den Leader Experience (Beta) and setup your den, those events cannot be deleted form your calendar. Your only option is to move them all to a date in the past.

Try clicking HIDE DLE in the Calendar

Ok that worked i moved it… Now is there any way to edit the badge its telling us in the event? So for December 8 it says we are working on team tiger which is not what we are doing?

No, you would have to move them to the dates you actually want to work on them… or do as Donovan suggested and click the Hide DLE events button and create your own events.

Great thanks everyone

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