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Existing Scout not able to RSVP in events section

One of the scout who has been part of scoutbook, is not able to RSVP on existing events. I have a screenshot of what it looks like when she RSVP’s. Please let me know what information would you need from me to help fix this scout’s login issues.


Please provide the scout’s bsa member number (no names).

BSA #: 135386846. Please let me know if you need any further info.

I merged two scoutbook accounts for that scout. See if that helps.

Are you saying the scout could not rsvp for themself, the parent couldn’t rsvp for them, or something else?

Scout was not able to RSVP for themself. She was able to before, but all of sudden yesterday she is not able to.

The scout has not logged in recently. Maybe there’s something else going on here. I’ll send you a private message.