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Export Calendar Into CSV, Excel or Google Sheets

While it has been noted that there is a CSV import feature to import a calendar, and that calendars may be synced to such favorites as Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal, the ability to export an existing calendar to CSV is not yet available.

Such a feature would be immensely useful during Annual Pack Planning meetings, where we could “recycle” last year’s calendar by simply adjusting dates/locations etc.

Please consider implementing this feature in the future.


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AGREED! I have already entered every event into a google calendar. to be able to upload it to scout book would be AMAZING! As it is now I have to enter everything twice.

I entered everything for 2019-2020 into the Scoutbook calendar and then had my Google calendar subscribe to it. I only had to enter it once. If I change it in Scoutbook, it will automatically update in Google.

Hi Peter!

Thanks! I do the same.

For clarity, I’ll reiterate that the new feature is to request that Scoutbook users are able to 1) export their prior year’s calendar of events to CSV, and then 2) Make adjustments to dates/times in that CSV file, and finally 3) upload back into Scoutbook.

This would allow Scoutbook users to “recycle” the prior year calendar.



The calendar import is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, which is developed and supported by a volunteer.

Import feature. I acknowledged that feature is available. I’d like to have an EXPORT feature too.

Hi, @CleopatraDeLeon,

So you’re looking to have an export feature that would have all of the fields in the calendar item represented in the CSV? I can see some utility for that when you created the calendar originally in Scoutbook, but don’t have a CSV-format version from which to start.

Is there a reason not to use the CSV that was originally used to create the calendar via import using the Feature Assistant Extension as the basis for the “canned” calendar? You might have a few updates to make, but that is likely to be the case no matter where you start from.

ETA: So, looking through the CSV input file format, it looks like there’s a lot of “simplification” of the calendar data for input. For example, regarding invitees you can flag as either invite all (“On”) or invite none (“Off”) from three different categories: leaders, parents, and scouts. There doesn’t seem to be a documented method to invite a specific list of users. @JenniferOlinger is right, your best bet is to caucus with @GaryFeutz about what data is accessible and how his extension interacts with the calendar. At first guess, for the invitees list I would expect that it fires the “Select all” button for each of the types of invitees. I’m not sure how it would select individual names on the roster in a generic sense, although theoretically it might be possible since the Copy event feature seems to copy invitees as well.

Gary is a really approachable guy. I’ve worked with him several times on tracking down some bugs in the extension.

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Yes, I understand. But since the import is part of the Feature Assistant, I think it would probably be best if you asked the volunteer developer (@GaryFeutz ) of the Feature Assistant if he could also do an export.

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Thanks for following up on this request.

Here is why I posted this request:

  • I calendar’ed events for our pack this year in Scoutbook… manually. Then started using the Chrome Feature Assistant. Which was helpful, especially for “recurring” events.
  • Our pack had our annual planning meeting… during which I felt like it would be really efficient to have the prior calendar of events in front of me so that I could recycle the events.
  • Since we didn’t start with a CSV, I tried to do this in Scoutbook… and found this process time-consuming and tedious.
  • Then I remembered the CSV import feature… and was disappointed to find that it only IMPORTs.

I’ll contact Gary! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Just for grins, I took my Google Calendar that was sync’d Scoutbook calendar and tried to export to ICS (there are webapps out there that will convert ICS to CSV). It looks like it won’t let me do this with a subscribed calendar… Only works with a calendar you own.

@JenniferOlinger, Is there a way to direct message someone on Forums (like @GaryFeutz) aside from @ mentions?

Because there are youth on the forums, direct messages have been disabled.

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Hi, @CleopatraDeLeon,

The BSA has disabled the DM feature in Discourse for generic accounts, based on YPT concerns. Only certain people (SUAC and admins) can initiate a DM. However, once initiated, you can reply to the participants. @GaryFeutz is a member of the SUAC so he should be able to DM you, if necessary.

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You can also post in the Feature Assistant sub-forum:

Gary usually keeps an eye on posts there.

I saw this feature added under >My Dashboard> Create New Events> Export Calendar Events to CSV.

Thank you!!!

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