Importing my Google calendar into Scoutbook's calendar

I would like to import a Google calendar into Scoutbook. I’ve tried searching the forums about this topic and what I have found is a lot of jargon that I don’t quite understand. Lets pretend I am not a computer programmer of any type.
While I understand that you can have Scoutbook’s calendar linked to outside calendars via a subscription, can the reverse be done? My committee chair is a school teacher and she uses google as her master calendar to track her school work, her family events and scouting events. Its what she if familiar with and has already spent many months building the calendar for our pack, we don’t really want to manually enter it into Scoutbook.

Currently, someone can subscribe their outside calendar to the Scoutbook calendar using the iCal links for the relevant unit or subunit (den/patrol) calendar, and the appropriate process for their particular calendar program. That is, whatever you enter in the Scoutbook calendar system can be displayed on outside calendars, for example through Google calendar. I think you were saying you already know about how to do that.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you’re asking if you can subscribethe Scoutbook calendar to an outside calendar (i.e. display in Scoutbook a calendar maintained in, for example, Google calendar). Scoutbook’s calendar system does not currently permit subscription to an outside calendar directly. There is, however, an import feature (of sorts) for creating events in the Scoutbook calendar using the Feature Assistant Extension and comma-separated variable files. Since you’re posting in the extension discussion forum, I’m guessing you’ve looked at some part of that documentation.

The import process is described here: 8m. Calendar Event CSV Import Extension for Scoutbook.pdf - Google Drive

I’m not aware of a way to export a Google calendar to a CSV file formatted appropriately to import to Scoutbook’s calendar, but other folks may know of such a tool. However, assuming such an export tool exists, you could theoretically export the calendar from Google calendar to CSV, then import the CSV to Scoutbook.

Based on this below the export creates a zip of ics files

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