Export Calendar option

I currently have my Pack and Troop calendars added to my personal Google Calendar with the iCal links, and it works great for current and upcoming events, but after a few months the old events are no longer displayed in my personal Google Calendar. I’m sure this is because the iCal link only goes back a few months, so each time Google refreshes, it looses any events that are not in the current iCal list.

I would like to see a calendar export option, perhaps in the reports section, that would allow me to select which calendar to export and a date range for export. Ideally, the export format would be a standard csv format that would allow me to import it into my personal calendar. I can also see this feature being useful at the unit level for pulling a report of all the activities that your Pack or Troop did over the last year, or several years ago.


I think you can do that using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. It’s available here: Feature Assistant - What is it?

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