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Exporting needs purchasing report

It appears that we can’t get the Scouts BSA advancement items included in the export of needs purchasing report from our ship page. We have scouts that are working on Star, Life, Eagle through our ship and the export only seems to export ship awards and ranks. It needs to pick up merit badges, Scouts BSA ranks, and awards.

yeah there seems to have been a regression - I see palms but not the other stuff - what I would do is put them in an SB troop for know

This is so frustrating that this is the answer all the time. I shouldn’t have to put them in a SB troop, that messes everything up for the troop too. Some aren’t in a troop and others are already in other troops.


This has been reported to the Scoutbook developers but we do not know how long it will take to be fixed.

Your other option is to complete the BSA Advancement Report by hand or try Internet Advancement to see if the awards appear on the advancement report there.

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