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Needs Approval & Needs Purchasing Report Errors


I am the pack advancements coordinator. This month when I ran and approved all items on the Needs Approval report they did not transfer to the Needs Purchasing Report so I could create a Purchase Order.

Now I have nothing on the Needs Approval report and nothing on the Needs Purchasing report even though I know I have awards to purchase. (The Needs Awarding report is also empty).

Our other pack admins not able to find anything in any of the reports either. One is getting connected to another pack when he tries to run the reports.

I put in a help desk ticket yesterday. Our pack meeting is this evening and our scouts won’t get their awards :frowning:

Thanks for any help you can give.

@AllisonCrews - were these items perhaps requirements that were completed rather than the entire adventures etc ? Cant really purchase requirements. I would also make sure they were not marked as awarded.

Thanks for replying. No, they were awards - I know we had Bobcats in there in particular.

And they are not on previously purchased or awarded reports either. They are just missing.

Try going to your main pack page and click on Export / Backup -> Scout Advancement. This will give you a csv file that you can open up in a spreadsheet program like Excel. Turn filtering on, and sort by the “LeaderApprovedDate”.

It sounds like they might have been marked as Awarded by mistake.

or alternatively you could run the cub scout recognition report and check the already awarded box for the date range in question and see if the resultant data matches what is missing.

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