Can't Create Advancement Report

Is there a workaround for the export not being able to be downloaded?
I have to order close to 80 advancements after generating report I lost access to the list so I can’t even manually order them:

The information is unavailable. Try again or report this to the forums (100)

ref: PD-20231212142324-585115-890231

I can’t even run the Activities Summary Report to backtrack what advancements were completed.

@EarlJurado - the needs purchasing report should provide that along with the advancement report for the shop

Yeah I’m having to go through scoutbook’s purchasing report right now since Advancement Report is not letting me download.

Is this an access issue? I’m recently assigned to be Unit Advancement Chair and maybe a setting is off since I’m able to connect with each scout to edit their advancements but can’t view or download this report.

Have you tried using the Recognition Report in Scoutbook?

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@EarlJurado - were you assigned the role in

Do you happen to have a link for that?
@JenniferOlinger I can only see:

Is there a link to it that you have access to that you can please provide?

@Stephen_Hornak it doesn’t look like I was assigned in Thanks for the catch, I’m assuming the committee chair or cub master has to add privileges?

I added myself in scoutbook but not yet verified by committee:

@EarlJurado - self add in scoutbook is not official. The unit key 3 would need to add that functional role in

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Thanks Stephen. I’ll talk to them about it and test out the access.

Your Unit Advancement Chair role is missing the green shield with checkmark, which mean that the position / role is not approved in Scoutbook. A Pack Admin needs to approve it.

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@JenniferOlinger - I think Earl’s issue should be moved out of the discussion of export as it appears to be a different issue and topic.

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Thank you both for the help. I was able to get Unit Advancement Chair access added, and now I can download the report.

The only issue I’m running into now is in Scoutbook I do not have access to “Needs Purchasing Report” I believe this is because I generated the report in Internet Advancement. Do either of you know a way to be able to edit the Advancement report? Seems like it’s fixed and there’s no way to edit once generated.


You need to be a unit admin in Scoutbook to see Needs Purchasing. If your Key 3 makes you Unit Advancement Chair in, 24 hours later, you will have the permissions you need in Scoutbook.

Got it thank you. I was granted this position today in .

Is there a way to edit the generated reports in internet advancement or do I just need to wait until I have access to Needs Purchasing?

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