Feature Assistant School Entry Timing Out

Not sure if this is where we report Feature Assistant issues but I tried to use Quick Entry for schools. Updating everyone’s grade worked fine. But now that I am changing schools for all the people that went elementary->middle and middle->high and when I hit the enter all I get is the spinning symbol with the notification that it will take a long time. Eventually Scoutbook times out and when I go back in, nothing was changed. I first tried updating everyone that needed it, then just updated about 5 of them. Same problem.

@JamesSoltysiak - may be related:

Didn’t see anything in their dealing with profiles. Also this isn’t a Whoops error, just never does anything.

@JamesSoltysiak -

    • Note: School and grade information is missing from the new profile page in Internet Advancement. The developers have been notified.
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Thanks didn’t see that and it didn’t show up in your cut and paste.

@JamesSoltysiak - you would have to click on the blue text… but this would belong on the feature assistant topic.

As they move profile data to IA it is breaking the profile features for the extension

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A new extension version was just released. Unfortunately, a lot of functionality for quick entry is lost with the profile move to IA. This is one. When you get your update, you will no longer have the option on your menu.

Thank you for your feedback. The fact that this feature was never added to actual Scoutbook and now support for the ability to have it is totally removed shows how little the people in charge of this care about end-user support. I bet the views for the DEs and Council execs are a lot easier to use. The only problem is that harder they make things for end-users the less accurate the data within the system is since people will stop modifying the data. For a large troop having to go individually into every record to update something is not going to happen. So I figure swim status, medical record status and current school data will now have to be stored and updated elsewhere since there is no easy way to do it here now. One step forward 10 steps backwards.

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The developers are working on adding the Quick Entry capability to the native system that was lost in the extension due to the profile change. We tried to convice IT to hold off on the change until this was ready but we do not control the schedule.


@JamesSoltysiak The loss of extension support was not by choice. Internet Advancement uses a security scheme that prevents the extension from operating in it. Since I’m the guy who spend a lot of time writing the features for the extension - I would have loved to be able to simply modify those features to keep them alive. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I’ve spend thousands of hours of my own personal time as a volunteer to create the extension to plug holes in Scoutbook - and it pains me to see the loss of functionality.


Thank you for your support of the extension. There are several people that I know that have been using it for a long time and any time I told a new person about it they loved it. All the changes lately with Scoutbook, first the major mess up with Activities (which still is a pain to use) and now this make things very frustrating. I sure hope things improve soon. Thanks again for your support of the extension.

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