Anyone having trouble with Quick Entry=>Enter Scout Leadership?

I’ve been trying to open for a few days now. When I try to get into it, it is on a constant Loading loop. Any clues? At first I thought it was trouble with my laptop, but same thing happens at my PC.

That is a Feature Extension - is this for a Troop? Are all Pack memberships ended for all Scouts? @GaryFeutz

It is for a Troop. I think all of the scouts have ended Cub Scout membership. Would they come up on my roster if they still had a cub membership?

I do have 2 scouts that are in Scoutbook but don’t have green check by their name or an Auto Advancement symbol. I wonder if this is causing the problem. They are listed as current members but there is a message that says they are not in official roster and to check with my council.

Give me the member ID of the Scouts and I will look into it.

thank you

Click on their names in your Scoutbook roster, then on their membership, then on their unit membership. Click approve position and click update. It may take 24 hours before they show in sync.

Terrific! I did as you suggested and I will check sync tomorrow. Thank you so much for your help!

I have lost auto advancement on a scout with the number

I clicked on the green checkmark under his unit membership but I lost his auto sync. Can you help me?

I made an adjustment, but note that this is something you can reset yourself. See:

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