Another error updating school information

I am trying to use the Feature Assistant to update school information in my troop. Many of the girls are not just advancing in grade, but changing schools (e.g. elementary to middle)
I have made several changes, and am getting a message that refers to swimming. It forces me to quit, with some of the changes made, but does not point me to which record is causing the issue. This same issue happened to me last spring, but it then went away.
Any idea what is causing this?

Check to make sure you have full control of the scouts on your roster.

I will look at error messages. Regarding the swim error, it is a typo in the error message.

I am a Troop Admin, and per connections manager, I have full control over all Scouts. I have narrowed this issue to three Scouts who are members of more than one unit - out Troop, and one or more Crews. I am able to update the school info on each individual profile, but when I try to update any of the three using the Feature Assistant, I get the error.

BTW, these same three Scouts have passed the Swim test, and have a date for that (which also had to be entered one at a time) but when I try to display swim date on the roster, it does not show up.


Elisabeth - I found the bug and released a fix. Thank you for the clues - it was the multiple unit scouts.

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