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Feature Request: Leader Training and Awards

I would LOVE to be able to put in leader training that isn’t through my.scouting, such as Wood Badge, Trainer’s Edge, Baloo, etc. with dates, something that would follow the leader as they move through units. Additionally, the ability to put in awards for purchasing, such as the Messengers of Peace, BSA Emergency Prep, religious awards, etc.

@LisaScarbrough - the training items you list can be added in but I guess you are looking for a visual representation? I do not know if much of the training you note has a visual excerpt wood badge. Adult tracking has been requested many thousands of times and has been noted but very low priority.

The awards you list can be added to the Purchase Order when they are earned by youth. Scoutbook does not currently support awards for adults as the BSA is concentrating on features that impact youth either directly or via additional unit support. Adult awards are on the backlog but we do not know when they will be scheduled for work.

Any BSA training can be added to your training record by a Key 3 member of your unit, the district Training committee or Key 3 or someone at the Council. You cannot add to your own training record regardless of your position.

Because of the lack of things that can be tracked for adults, the troop we feed into will not use Scoutbook. Apparently, those things are trackable in Troopmaster, so they continue to use that program.

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The BSA decided to have one place to track BSA training:

Units can add leader training there with dates including: Wood Badge, Trainer’s Edge, BALOO, etc. People in the following registered positions / roles in the unit can use the Training Manager at to add training to other registered adults in the unit,

  • unit Key 3 (unit leader, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.)
  • Key 3 Delegates
  • Unit Training Chair

This training will follow the leader as the leader changes units and even councils. Users can use the Manage Member ID tool (Legacy Web Tools) to add multiple BSA member ID numbers if they get assigned a new one when transferring to a new council.

Neither Scoutbook nor Troopmaster are the BSA’s approved system for recording adult training.

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