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Update Scoutbook to Record Leader Training and Recoginitions

Would like to see Scoutbook be set up to aid in Leaders record wen the complete the requirements for

Training Knots,
District Service such as Commissioners knot, Arrow, etc.

As recognition is necessary for the Scouts, so is it for Scouters.

Gary Utrup

There have been previous requests to add adult awards to Scoutbook. The BSA has previously stated these are prioritized below items that directly affect Scouts and/or unit operation.

Wood Badge is recorded (or supposed to be) in your training record at my.scouting.org. If it is not, contact your council or district training committee.


Scoutbook at one point did support the adult training completed. But, sometime ago, the Scouter trained report was flipped to the Training Roster it my.scouting.com site.
I feel your pain, I had uploaded all my train including copies of the c completed cards and certificates. Now they are lost in cyberspace.

Admittedly the training has always been tracked as a matter of record in my.scouting.org and scoutbook allowed it it be entered there but did not track to the official record. A key 3 or council training chair can enter them if not shown.

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