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Scoutbook Training Entries

Maybe this is already implemented, and I just haven’t stumbled on it yet, but It would be very helpful if pack/troop leaders were able to enter both scout and adult leader training that was completed. I am aware that scoutbook is not the training tracker for BSA any longer, but I think it does sync with BSA via scouting.org. Currently, only the local council enters these trainings and they are already overwhelmed. For example, the pack/troop leaders should be able to add wilderness first aid, BALOO, CPR/AED, University of Scouting degrees, IOLS, etc.

Any of your Key 3 members or delegates can enter leader training. Scout training such as ILST, IOLS, etc. must be entered at the council.

Key 3, Key 3+3 (Delegates), or unit Training Chair - can enter Adult training at my.scouting.org under Training Manager for any adult member of you unit (except yourself cause I guess Scouters are not Trustworthy???). I do not foresee this coming to Scoutbook anytime soon.


Many councils and districts want to enter most trainings themselves, after receiving verification from the course directors.

Units can already enter trainings for people (youth and adult leaders) in their units. In order to enter the training, one must have access to the Training Manager at my.scouting. In order to have access to the Training Manager, a user must be one of the unit’s Key 3, or designated as a Key 3 Delegate or Unit Training Chair. A user cannot enter training for himself / herself.

Personally, I would be cautious about entering training with the exception of training that the unit is responsible for conducting (for example: ILST for Scouts in troops).

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This is the only training I’ve entered as a unit. The rest the trainer either did a good job entering it or I have pestered them until they have. IOLS was done with no intervention. BALOO took a few emails. Even though I had “proof”, I wanted to make sure that everyone that took the training had it properly recorded.


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