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I know it’s asked frequently around the community, “when is ‘x’ planned for ScoutBook?” I also see a lot of feature requests and then time spent answering, “it’s on the list, but don’t know when it will be available.”

I understand the constraints on National and not being able to release a roadmap for general end users to see. Further with changes to Program, I understand the difficulty in releasing a timeline that may not be able to be adhered to (and the negativity that happens with a missed deadline).

With all that in mind, I still want to ask if there can’t be some type of ongoing quick list of feature requests and a general categorization such as “planned”, “in process”, and “completed.” (I’ve added a graphic from another web application that lists their feature requests and a brief status, just ignore the upvoting system).

I just think having such a listing may save admins a lot of time answering the same questions and provide a little feedback to the end users to help as the system is more widely adopted. We appreciate this consideration!

P.S. we appreciate all SUAC does to try and keep us updated as allowed.

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I’m not sure such a list would do much good with the majority of users given we answer the same questions repeatedly even though we have a help site and the forums have search capability.

I figured it was worth a shot even if it cut down on the repeated questions a little bit for those that could browse such a ongoing feature list. I know it’d probably help you guys if you had less repetitive questions, but I know there is a learning curve. Who knows, maybe it’ll be feasible in the future to have a one post/list stop for planned feature additions that can be required previewing before posting a new feature request.


Ed and Jennifer (and others),

You do a great job of answering questions. Thank you.

It would be nice to reduce the amount of poking, but then again, many wouldn’t even look.


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