Calendar Report

My apologies if this is a repeat in any way. I’m wondering if there’s a report that you can run (or one that you can create) that will show you all of your events and who the invitee list is. I noticed that when I created the Pack Meetings, I had removed all the scouts from the invitee list and then everyone’s calendar was “empty” I’m putting everyone back on for each calendar event, but when new scouts come into the pack in a few weeks, I’m going to have to go back and re-add all those new scouts to all the pack events (I’m assuming). It would be nice to have some sort of report that I can say “who is on the invite list for all the meetings in this time range”, so I can know if I have to go update the event or not.

Again, this is a feature request. I can and fully intend to go into each event and make those updates as needed. Reoccurring events helps me out, since it looks like updating those will propagate to all, but there are still a lot of events and right now I’m “hoping” that I don’t miss one.

The Feature Assistant Extension does this, mostly. Under Administration/Events/Export Calendar Events to CSV.
You’ll end up with a list of all your calendar events, but it doesn’t list specific invitees.

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