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Sprint and Backlog Visibility

I’ve seen many of the new requests mention that it’s in the backlog, or being added to the backlog. Is there a way to publish what the current Sprint activity is and the timelines for those Sprints. It would also be helpful to see what the current backlog looks like?


The BSA does not make this information public. Unless they agree to release it our nebulous answers are the best we can provide.

@edavignon Is there any chance SUAC can advocate for some form of list (I’m sure if the count the times such a request such as above is made, you’d have a considerable sum)? It doesn’t need timelines (that’s probably asking beyond what National can do for fear of not adhering to the deadline). Just a list in order of consideration such as:

  • Feature X - released
  • Feature Y - in development
  • Feature Z - in development
  • Feature 1 - in planning
  • Feature 2 - in planning
  • Feature 3 - being considered
  • Feature A - not planned

We all have learned feedback is a gift from training and communication is important. Such a simple gesture from BSA IT would go a long way to help answer questions and better inform volunteer staff that want to be active and involved to make things as great as possible to help deliver the program.

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We have asked previously and been told no such lists will be released.

That’s unfortunate, but sounds like the position is solid. If there is ever an opportunity for end users to politely offer the user narrative of how this would be beneficial, I know you can find several of us on here that’d be happy to help.

Well I can see an issue with the exposure of timeline and development is the fact that each scouter has their OWN set of goals and ambitions for development. This to me spells chaos. A quick examination of forums will provide evidence.

True, but somehow other software developers are able to do something similar despite customers clamoring for their own set of goals. I guess this forum isn’t too different from those other software development forums that I’ve entered (except most people here better respect the principles of the Scout Law in their posts. :grin:)

Zach - I get it, so as a challenge please do find the sprints for Bloomberg.


The game is afoot then…carry on and present your results when done. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, are you looking for their philosophy (found), or the actual sprint logs?

The actual Sprint logs for the company. The philosophy along with everything else I have a decent handle on…20 years will do that. But indeed not every company makes public everything related to their development or research timelines or pathways.