Final Charter Email

Does anybody know if there is a way to have the system resend the email that contains the final signed recharter PDF, or is there a way for the unit to access that document somehow? - you can get it - Organization Manager

I suspect John is referring to the e-mail the contains the charter changes… whose dropped, multipled, added, etc. That is not the charter certificate. I know no way of resending it, but I think it comes as an attachment so the recipients of it would still have it in their e-mail unless they’ve done complete deletes of it.

As @brantgurga suggests I am talking about the recharter paperwork. Unfortunately the unit does not have the original email so that is not an option.

@JohnGeiser - I gather the end users (k3) deleted the email ? There may be a chance to find the attachment as that would have downloaded if opened. Additionally, many email clients do have a deleted items folder or trash bin.

2 of the 3 K3 email addresses are old and not accessible. The other said they did not receive the email. Having just changed their email it is possible that this went to a bad email address prior to the change.

@JohnGeiser - hum… I wonder how the final submission would have occurred based on that information. Something does not really seem to add up on this scenario.

Now that you say that, you have a point. I don’t know for sure if there is an option to do a manual signature as opposed to a digital one. They are not very tech oriented.

Really frustrating that there is no way to access this in the system after the fact.

@JohnGeiser - yeah I get that but even if they chose to manually sign, it would have only been presented via email… something just does not fit…

Trying to get some more info from them. The problem is that our registrar cannot post the charter without this form because they need the fees breakdown from it. This seems like a very large oversite in the system for the registrar to have to rely on this for posting. You would think they would have access to view the recharter online in its entirety.

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My understanding is the registrar has access once it is in On Hold status. If it’s already signed, the registrar should have access. I am seeing some that are signed as confirmed by e-mail sent to me by the COR but the system is still saying In Progress and Waiting on COR.

So the system still has issues coming up. When I come across those situations, I raise them here and send them to my registrar. Registrar can put in tickets that national might respond to.

We have been told that our registrar does not have access to the fees breakdown on their end. I am sure there is some thing they can see on there end, it just isn’t enough information for them to properly post it without that breakdown.

I think a lot of this also comes from the fact that there are bugs that are causing people to show up as prepaid when they are not. This makes it so they have to make sure everyone that the system says is being rechartered is actually accounted for in their fees.

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It is suggested, from National, to log back in. There is a regenerate option for the email, it is on the first screen when you select recharter and your unit.
It was also suggested that units with the same CR to not submit their charters too close together.

Am I missing the button somehow? This is what I see.

@JohnGeiser Looks to me like the signature was already completed so there’s nothing to resend.

@jacobfetzer Correct. The point of the thread is to get a copy of the final charter if the original email is not available. There should be a way for the units to access this information online after the recharter is signed, but right now the emailed PDF is the only means of obtaining this information. As far as I have been told even the registrar cannot access the breakdown of fees on their end.

I wish I knew the answer. I asked my council registrar and that is what I was told.

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Ah, sorry. You are correct that the registrars don’t seem to have access to the report.

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@JohnGeiser - I just checked my pc for all of the recharter emails and I found them with the incremental (+) with the file name.

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