Multiple Approval Emails

Unit does not have a COR with an email that is used. There is an email listed in Roster but he does not use it. I understood from the FAQ #15 below that any of the Key 3 could approve the charter.

  1. How will a COR sign the Renewal? Once submitted, the Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates will receive an email requesting a digital signature. If necessary, the CC, UL and Key 3 Delegate may sign on behalf of the COR.

In this case the SM did the rechartering and we want her to get the email for approval. The issue is that many people living in the area don’t have internet access.

How does the SM get the email used to approve the charter?

Was the rechartering finished? Did the SM not get the email?

The charter was completed and now shows as needing COR approval in the Blue Water District of Michigan Crossroads Council. The SM assured me that she did not get an approval email.

@LarryHastings what is the link for your #15 reference and I can pass the question on

Internet-Rechartering-2.0-FAQ.pdf (

@LarryHastings noted - sent on to find out

Is there an option to resend the Adobe email request for approval? Looks like I have a unit where the CR & CC deleted it :frowning: