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First Aid MB Requirements

Under quick Edit for MBC, some requirements display in the wrong order.

Specifically 10,12,13. This seems to only affect 2019/2018 revisions. I looked back farther, and it seems that the 2016 list is correct. I have yet to try putting them through, so I do not know if they function the proper way.

I see what you’re seeing.

At first, I thought it was coming from the change in requiremnt numbering to generate numbers > 9, which caused the auto-sort to treat anything #1_ as occurring prior to #2. Then, I looked some more, and the requirements are sorted oddly: 1, 10a-e, 12a-m, 13a-c, 2-9, 11, 14 That seems to exclude my “auto sort got confused” shot from the hip.

I can confirm that they appear to be correctly linked to the underlying requirements, at least for the assortments of 2019 version requirements I tried.

yeah - that happens - we will make a note

this has been fixed in QE

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