First Aid Merit Badge requirements in Scoutbook don't match the actual requirements

Scoutbook requirement numbers don’t match to the requirements listed here:

There are inconsistencies with Requirements 10, 11, and 12 at least.

Any idea how to get Scoutbook updated to the correct version?


After returning from Summer Camp, we recently came to this realization as well! We had a number of scouts complete or earn a partial at summer camp when we uncovered this.

What is the version in the scout records

The Scouts started on an older version and can complete on the old version if they wish

SB used to show versions - it seems to be off now - am checking

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 11.13.20 AM
@DavidBuckingham @AaronOwenby - go to the Scouts Advancements Page and look what version they are on

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2022 version looks correct.

The Scouts are probably on an older version. In order to switch to the newest version, you need to click on the checkbox next to “Percent Completed” and then “Remove Merit Badge”. Then start the merit badge again and pick the 2022 version.

Before you remove - get screenshots or reports of what is completed - or just stay with old version

@AaronOwenby & @DavidBuckingham - here is a fresh start of First Aid

Thank you, that worked! Much appreciated!

The same procedure will hold true for other MB as well

Unless otherwise stated (which might not have ever happened) a Scout can finish any MB on the one they start

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Very true indeed on mb

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