First Aid Merit Badge - new requirement

I am a First Aid MB counselor. This past Saturday, I was teaching the new updated requirements for FA, when I noticed Requirement #15. When teaching/discussing this requirement it brought up a very sensitive time for one of the youth. Everything turned out fine but, it concerns me that if a youth teaching this at Summer or Winter Camp will not know how to handle the situation. While this is a subject affecting our youth today, the first aid MB is not the best place to discuss it. The same as the Youth on Youth abuse is taught by a trained individual, this needs to be taught/discussed by a trained individual. What are your thoughts?

  1. Describe the following:
    (a) The indications that someone might be a danger to themselves or others.
    (b) What action you should take if you suspect that someone might be a
    danger to themselves or others.

Unfortunately, the BSA doesn’t want us discussing policy/process topics here, just the software issues.

There are a variety of other non-BSA-hosted forums where you could probably find fairly vigorous discussions on this topic.

Sorry, I was not sure what forum I could post this too.
Do you know of one, that would be better suited for this discussion? I was just looking for feedback.

@DawnEwing - you could bring this up at a roundtable or with your council/district advancement folks. You certainly can not remove or change a requirement.


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