How can MBC see what other MBs a scout completed?

There really needs to be a way for a MBC (for example the Emerg Prep MBC) of a scout using Scoutbook to confirm that they have in fact EARNED the First Aid MB. As an Emerg Prep MBC, sure I can talk to the scout about First Aid and ask them if they EARNED the badge. But, I am being asked as the MBC to sign off on the requirement for Emerg Prep that says they have earned the First Aid Badge. In my opinion, I need MORE than the scout’s indication that they have the badge to confirm that. Sure, I could ask them for a blue card that was signed and approved by another MBC. But it would be highly useful for Scoutbook to display to me what other badges the scout has earned in a format I can trust to be accurate (this information having been entered by Scouting officials in Scoutbook). Emergency Prep is only 1 example of 1 merit badge that requires another badge to have been EARNED. If I am assigned as the scout’s MBC for Emerg Prep, what is the harm in me getting the information I need to complete that role via the very tool that assigned me to the scout to begin with? I am not a leader in the troop so I don’t have access to all the information a leader would have - nor do I want that level of information. I just want the information that would be helpful to fulfill my role and responsibilities effectively.

The way that I’ve handled this in person as a First Aid MBC is broadly applicable to the online environment. “Show me your blue card” is just as feasible over email/Zoom as it is in person. The hard part is usually the scout figuring out where he or she put it. “Show me your merit badge sash” works equally well, and is usually easier for the scout to manage. I’ve also asked scouts to provide me with their scoutmaster’s email address so that I can reach out directly to confirm the requirement.

I’m not 100% sure what you would want to be able to see. It actually seems like the easiest thing to do from a programming standpoint would be to link the completion of EPrep MB requirement #1 to the marking of First Aid MB Leader Approved in Scoutbook/IA2, and eliminate manual entry of the requirement altogether.

I would still like to discuss with the scout how knowing First Aid, and the importance of earning that badge, relates to Emerg prep. So, I’m not keen on an “automatic approval entry” idea. However, if I could just see a list of which badges the Scout already earned in Scoutbook, then I would know they truly earned it since a scouting official would have had to confirm that First Aid was in fact earned. As I said, this is only 1 of several badges that require other MBs. So, there is a need beyond the Emerg Prep badge for this information to be in a MBC’s view of the scout.

The requirements neither specify nor prohibit such a discussion, although as MBCs we are not permitted to require anything that is not specified in the requirements. I’m not sure how an automatic entry showing that the scout has completed the requirement (which specifies earning the First Aid MB) impacts the ability of any MBC to have that conversation. I have all kinds of conversations with scouts that I counsel about MB-related topics, but those discussions can’t be a condition of approval of the MB unless they are part of the MB requirements.

I’m not clear what the difference is between you seeing it in the software and the software marking the requirement as complete, except that in the latter the software verifies that the badge has been marked as Leader Approved by a unit leader, either after receiving a physical blue card or after receiving a Counselor Approval of the MB in Scoutbook. In both cases, you are relying on the accuracy of the data that the software is accessing. Can you clarify what I’m missing about the difference you see between the two cases?

With regard to other MBs, again the requirement is (typically) to earn the other MB (e.g. Lifesaving MB req. 2a) or to demonstrate knowledge of the skills (e.g. First Aid MB req. 1). The former is a boolean true/false issue. Either it has been earned or it has not. The latter is a requirement to demonstrate skills, not a requirement to have completed the associated rank requirements at some point in the past. I’m not clear how automating the completion of the boolean requirements (like EPrep req. 1 or Lifesaving 2a) in Scoutbook would be a problem.

If the Scout’s troop modifies the connection between the Scout and MBC to include View Advancement, the MBC can see all of the Scout’s advancement.

The MBC would go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections, click on the Scout’s name then Scout’s Advancement


Another option would be for the Scoutmaster or other authorized troop leader to mark that requirement as Completed in Scoutbook using the date the First Aid merit badge was earned.

If the First Aid badge shows up in the software, I know they have earned the badge and I would have a discussion about the First Aid badge and its importance to Emer Prep with the scout. I’m not saying I would NOT sign off on that requirement without the discussion but I am saying I would initiate that discussion with the scout to make the connection in their head. IF instead the requirement was auto filled in by the software, it would look the same to me as if another counselor already reviewed that requirement with the scout and I would not initiate a conversation about it necessarily - my focus would be on the remaining requirements that the scout is coming to me to discuss. So, there could be a missed opportunity to discuss the reasons behind these 2 MBs being linked via 1 requiring the other. I view the MB process as a learning opportunity for the scouts and my role as helping the scouts put the pieces together - assisting with that learning - as opposed to simply being a checker of a checklist of “things to do”. As such, I really think the essence behind the requirement for 1 badge to require another is more than a boolean function - it is an opportunity to help make the connection between the badges. I’m not adding more requirements - just helping to highlight the connection.

I like this suggestion and will explore it with the troop leadership. All I am asking for is the ability to view the badges for confirmation when necessary. This approach appears to address my needs. Thanks for the suggestion.

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