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is there a personal message feature? why can’t i find it?

@Trendecide, i have a trick for you on my unit website. link is in my profile.

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Direct Messaging has been disabled in the Scouting Forums except when a moderator initiates the conversation because youth have access to these forums. Discourse does not have a way to ensure Youth Protection requirements are met. Because of this, the BSA decided to disable direct messaging in the forums.

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Ah, that explains why I could never find it.

Are invites also turned off? I hope not, because how else will I get that Promoter badge! Seeing that the only two people with it are a “Scoutbook User Advisory Council” member and an “IT Team” member, I’m guessing I won’t be getting that badge anytime soon…

Maybe this was the wrong platform for Scouting to use then?

Or, maybe that’s a reasonable sacrifice given the total package of what the BSA was looking for in a forum replacement.



The promoter badge was applied to the SUAC and IT members profiles when we were testing Discourse, prior to the APIs being written that automatically added Scoutbook users to Discourse.

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