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I’m putting this in New Scoutbook Feature Requests, because I’m hoping someone who monitors this will make sure it ends up in the right place.

I think we really need a General Interest Forum. There are topics that cut across different programs, and the discussion may take place in the Cub Scouting Forum, which is something that many people may not check. Examples of such topics are Wood Badge, flag ceremonies, chartered organization representatives and fundraising rules. I could go on.

The fact that I am posting this very message here is evidence we need a General Interest Forum. Scoutbook is not the only general interest of those who participate here, but this forum is the only one we have that is of general interest.



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A “General Interest” forum might invite the discussion of non-BSA issues.

Perhaps a discussion forum title of “Multi-Program” would be more acceptable than “General Interest” to the forum management.

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Although I prefer your name choice to mine, that actual name of the forum isn’t of much interest to me. My point is that there is a significant number of non-Scoutbook topics that are of interest to folks in different program levels. Since I am a Cubmaster right now, I primarily pay attention to the Cubmaster forum, and there have been discussions there that I thought would be useful to non-Cub Scouters.

Having a multi-level forum would allow this tool to be used to a much greater capacity and efficiency.


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