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Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award not auto-completing when requirements are done

Ok so I am using this post… I am new to this form…I can reply but can’t figure out how to start a new thread…my apologies… On Scoutbook two of my Cubs have completed the Outdoor Activities Award, but the computer only gives them 88 percent completion. The Cubs did the first two requirements and have completed more than six of the following… Why is the program not giving them credit for one hundred percent completion?


There are some awards that for some reason do not show 100% complete even though they are. Please tell us what requirements are marked complete so we can try to reproduce the issue and let the developers know.

Since these are complete, just click on Percent Complete and enter a completion date.


I happened to notice this topic. I had the same issue about a week, and I simply clicked on percent complete and marked it complete. It now flows to the needs purchasing list.

If you want to replicate mine to address the issue, it involved a Wolf. The requirements marked complete were 1, 3a, 3f, 3i, 3k and 3l. The completion of Paws on the Path flowed through by itself from the adventure screen.


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