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Get an Assigned Merit Badge Counselor Report

Looking to get a report of all Merit Badges in Progress for the Troop with the assigned merit badge counselor.

Background: It is easier to recommend MB Counselors to Scouts if I already know the load of the Merit Badge Counselor.


A report like this will not give you what you are looking for as most MBCs will work with Scouts from multiple units. Many MBCs also counsel multiple MBs so even if an MBC is not assigned to any Scout in your unit for the MB you are interested in, they could be working with many Scouts either from other units and/or on other MBs.

The best you can do is use the MB Counselor List function on your unit page. The search results will tell you the number of Scouts a MBC is currently working with.

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Would also like to see which scouts have MB Counselors assigned. Currently no way to track that.

Also would you know if there is a report that can show me unit leader signature status for merit badges started in the troop.

I am also interested in a report that shows all MB’s started but without unit leader signature. This would be helpful to assign a MBC for the scout to work with.

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I have asked the report developers to add report options to return the assigned MBC and Unit Leader Signature, both the leader name and date.


Send me an address where I can send you a box of chocolates :slight_smile: big virtual fist bump.


@edavignon where can I check when this feature is released.


The easiest way to get updates on Scoutbook changes is to subscribe to the change log here in Discourse. Go to the change log forum:


then click on the bell under your user avatar, and select “Watching” from the pop-up list. Now you’ll get notified any time someone posts anything in the Change Log. Comments are blocked in that forum, so you won’t get spammed with notifications for doing this.

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