Glitch in Bear Advancement, Req #2 auto checked but is inaccurate

It seems like Bear Advancement Req #2 for an Elective is somehow still counting Baloo the Builder as an Elective instead of a Core adventure.
I have a Cub whose Bear Advancement shows Req # 2 with a green check as completed on Nov 4, 2021. However, he has not done any Electives, not even any progress on Electives, not even the PTYR. The Den Leader did not check this Req, because we’ve never had to as the system auto-checks it once an Elective is complete. I see that the Baloo the Builder was completed on Nov 4, 2021, which is more than a coincidence.
It causes the Percent Complete gauges to be incorrect. But from Report Builder it does show Req #2 as blank, so Scoutbook doesn’t even line up with itself.
Scoutbook does not allow me to correct this myself, error popup that it cannot be unchecked.

This seems like a bug, somewhere in the background the Baloo the Builder & Grin and Bear adventures it weren’t fully swapped as core & elective.

Another Cub in the same Den has a similar thing. In this case, this Cub did meet the Elective requirement by first completing CyberChip & then PTYR, & PTYR shows up as the elective that was done under Req #2. However, the date Completed for Req #2 doesn’t line up, it shows Nov 4, 2021 which was the date that Baloo the Builder core adventure was completed. But Report Builder does show the correct date for Req #2 as 2/17/22, so again Scoutbook doesn’t line up with itself.

Is this maybe coming from DLE? When attendance was taken for the Baloo the Builder meetings in DLE?

Also notice that the icon for Baloo the Builder still has not been updated with the color version, which is contrary to the Nov 2020 Scoutbook update post that said it was updated: November 23, 2020 Scoutbook Updates?

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