Group Activity reporting should use the attendance not invited

When entering service hours, etc for an event why does the group tab appear to use the Invited list and not the confirmed attended list. This makes double the work because I need to update who attended the event and then do the same thing for the activity hours.

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It is also wrong on the overview page as well

@MikeOswald - from the documentation:


The calendar feature in Internet Advancement provides the ability for users to create activity logs within calendar events after events have occurred. Activities created within a calendar event will auto-populate with event attendees and some event information that can be adjusted (in case users would like to give the activity a specific name or remove/add individuals who may or may not have attended the full event).

NOTE: Currently the system adds everyone who was invited to the event as a participant in the activity. Remove those, from the activity, who did not attend and you do not wish to be included. (The plan is to have an option to include only those marked attended, but that is not in the system yet.)

Users may create activity logs without linking the activity to an event by entering the activity in “Activity Logs.” This method may be used when adding an activity log that may not have been associated with a publicized unit event.

To reconcile activities (add/edit/delete) that were associated with the event after the event has concluded, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click “Add Camping/Hiking/Service Hours” The people who were invited to the event will be listed in the activity. You can then adjust who attended the activity if not all of them participated.

This is rough. I have 70 Scouts in my Troop. I invite them all to all the events we do, and sometimes only 5 show up (to certain niche events). So I need to go and deselect 65 Scouts each time? Insane.

I guess it could “start” one of 3 ways.

#1 Assume all invited attended, and you remove who didn’t. Like it is now. It would work better for an event that has 55 out of 60 attend, so you would be happy for those events.
#2 Assume none of those invited attended and you select who attended. I think that was the old way in the old calendar. This is a good situation for your 5 out of 60 attending, but for the unit that has 55 out of 60 it stinks.
#3 What you imply it should be would be a good middle option. Start with all who marked attending and only add / remove those who did or didn’t go. Less work probably most of the tine.

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