Activity logging in an IA calendar event

I am hoping there is a better way to log activity attendance in the IA Calendar. Currently it looks like everyone who is “invited” (via RSVP) to a created event is shown as “attending” for the purposes of activity logs (camping, service, hiking) unless the user goes in manually and deletes them from the attendee list. For example, we had a recent camping weekend at which all attendees performed 4 hours of service. Even though I went and marked those who attended with the RSVP section radio buttons, the service activity still showed all 34 invitees as having attended. The only way I could find to remove them was using the desktop app (could not complete on mobile device) to delete them one at a time in the activity section of the event. Pretty hard for someone to participate in an activity if they weren’t even at the event right? If anyone has insight, I would be grateful for a share. I do like that I no longer have to create separate events to log activities, just seems like there is still development work to be done. YIS


This is a known issue and is in the backlog to fix. We have requested that if attendance is taken, only those present be transferred to the activity. If attendance is not taken, everyone invited will be transferred.

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Thank you. Do we know if/when payment log functionality will be transferred to IA?


I do not and the BSA does not make their plans public.

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